It’s leak detection simplified. LeakMaster’s 700 series is not only extremely fast, it’s repeatable, and, best of all, it’s user friendly. Add the fact that the 700 series is configurable for pressure decay leak testing, mass flow leak testing, or differential pressure decay leak testing and you can be confident you have one of the most versatile precision air leak test instruments available..

Optional Ethernet/IP module for seamless integration with Allen Bradley EtherNet/IP or other compatible devices, eliminates I/O wiring, reduces start-up time and hardware cost. Provides ultimate control and the ability to capture valuable leak rate data for data collection systems, critical for today’s production environment

The LeakMaster 700 Series Benchtop configuration is the go-to configuration for labratory environments, medical leak testing, and manual leak test stations.

The LeakMaster 700 Series Machine Mount configuration is for grueling production environments and automated leak testing machines.

Simplicity in Operation

Run Screen

– The large, bilingual, multi-channel display
makes leak testing effortless.
– All pass/fail and in-process information are
clearly displayed for easy viewing.

Programmable Outputs Screen

– Accessible time or condition based programmable outputs for tooling and simple automation
– All I/O is clearly displayed for easy viewing
– Proven control and monitoring of the leak tester and associated devices

Real-Time Graphing Screen

– Eliminates guesswork when setting up a new
process, improves cycle time.
– Makes setting the proper test pressure, leak test
times and limits a breeze

Data Collection Screen

– Built-in data collection with auto save for proven, effective data collection; without the hassle.
– The information is saved as a CSV file for viewing in Microsoft Excel or other text viewers.

Set-Up Screen

– The easy to understand layout reduces set-up time,
builds confidence, and eliminates confusion.
– The intuitive design gives unparalleled control,
without multiple set-up screens.
– All leak test timers and limits are clearly presented
in their proper order.

Real-Time Help Screen

– The most advanced diagnostic tools to quickly
identify and solve issues
– Standard real-time screen capture function for
global set-up and diagnostic assistance
– Expert service and support staff

Technical Specifications

700PD = Pressure Decay
Single Channel or Optional Dual Channel Testing

700DP = Differential Pressure Decay
Single Channel Testing ONLY

700MF = Mass Flow
Single Channel Testing ONLY